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In the event of a successful real estate transaction carried out by, the fees for this transaction amount to 5% excluding tax (VAT in addition) of the main sale price. These fees are distributed as follows:

2.5% VAT excluded charged to the seller
2.5% VAT excluded charged to the buyer
From 3% VAT excluded for exclusive properties
And settled as follows:
100% at the signing of the final deed with the notary.

The rental intermediation fees due to at the signing of the rental agreement are:

One month's rent excluding tax charged to the owner (VAT in addition 20%)
One month's rent excluding tax charged to the tenant (VAT in addition 20%)

The real estate agency (SARL AU Delmotte immo Agency) registered in the Marrakech trade and companies registry will provide you with an invoice detailing these fees for each finalized transaction.

Here is a brief overview of the various advantages of Moroccan taxation:

Your money earned in Morocco is guaranteed for transfer to your home country without any time or amount limit.
Non-residents benefit from tax treaties preventing double taxation. These tax treaties are concluded between Morocco and many countries.
If the property you have acquired is new, you will be exempt from rental income tax (IGR) for the next 3 years. Furthermore, you will be exempt from urban tax for 5 years.
If in the future you wish to sell your real estate and it has been your primary residence for 8 years, you will be completely exempt from capital gains tax.

Advantages for European retirees:

The purchasing power of Europeans in Morocco is much higher than in Europe, so it is worth taking advantage of!
Moreover, you can benefit from an 80% tax reduction if you are a foreign retiree.

To obtain this tax reduction, you must transfer your pension to a dirham account in Morocco. It is not necessary to transfer your entire pension! Just a part will suffice. Join the many European retirees, settle in Morocco, you can only be a winner. Indeed, your standard of living will not be the same as in Europe thanks to your purchasing power, you will be able to obtain household staff (housekeeper, cook, gardener, etc.). Moreover, Morocco is experiencing strong economic growth, your real estate investments will bring you significant capital gains or a high rental yield.

Urban Tax:

Your main or secondary residence is subject to urban tax. This tax is calculated according to the rental value of the property (e.g., if the rental value is between 3001 and 6000 Dirhams, the tax rate will be 10%). However, this tax does not apply to new real estate for a period of 5 years after the acquisition of the property.

Edilité Tax:

This tax applies to all real estate regardless of its use. The applicable rates are 10% of the rental value for premises located in urban municipalities and 60% of the rental value for premises located in the peripheral areas of urban municipalities. If the property is intended for principal residence, you benefit from a 75% deduction.
This information is not exhaustive, for more details please contact us. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

The land registration system is overseen by the National Agency for Land Conservation, Cadastre and Cartography (ANCFCC).

Each building is individualized:
Each building must be registered in the land registers, and the resulting registration leads to the issuance of a land title that carries an order number, a specific name, and a detailed description of the building.
Therefore, a registered building has the following characteristics: its owner is nominally identified and its location determined, so there are no surprises to expect.
Establishment of a definitive land title: The property title resulting from the registration is a definitive and incontrovertible land title (provisions of Article 62 of the Dahir 1913).
The definitive and incontrovertible nature of the land title covers both the land and the constructions and plantings it contains on the day of the issuance of this title.

Melkia properties are governed by Muslim law.

The foundation of property rights is made through peaceful and uninterrupted possession for 10 years following the adage "someone who possesses something for 10 years, it belongs to him".
Unregistered buildings are not listed in the Land Conservation.
Caution is advised in the presence of a Melkia property:

it is necessary to ensure the number of rights holders,
the presence of each heir during the sale,
to verify the geographical location of the property,
and to ensure its actual surface area.
Know that registering a "Melkia" property can be long and especially a source of additional expenses, so it is advised to think carefully before embarking on the acquisition of such a property. If it is an untitled property (Melkia), you must have funds allowing you to proceed with the reservation and titling of the property through a deposit with your notary.
The ownership of a "Melk" property can be transferred in various forms:

By adoulaire act (Dahir of February 7, 1944).
By registered act (article 489 Doc).
By act passed before a notary (article 531 Dahir of May 4, 1925).

These are lands from which you can acquire the right of enjoyment but not the property since it belongs to the State.
From a "melkia" to a "titled" property
To go from a "melkia" to a "titled" property (registered at the Land Conservation), the steps are:

The application for a registration number:
This is an act by which the registration or titling procedure is introduced. The applicant must deposit all acts (any document justifying ownership) and make the payment of rights (a receipt is issued bearing the number assigned to the application).

The official publicity of the registration project:
* is published in the Official Bulletin * is filed at the land conservation, at the first instance court, and at the local authority office.

The official demarcation with a surveyor dispatched to the site by the land conservator.
This step is very important as it is both a topographic operation, a publicity act, and a legal inquiry. When the date of the demarcation is set by the cadastre services, the summonses to the demarcation operations are addressed to the applicant, to the surveyor sworn by the land conservator, and to the neighboring owners. The purpose of the demarcation operation is to delineate the perimeter of the property using markers bearing a number.

Publication of the notice of closure of demarcation and possible treatment of oppositions
Upon receipt of the plan (established after lifting and establishing the regular plan) and after a new examination of the file, the conservator publishes in the official bulletin a "notice of closure of demarcation". This notice of closure informs the public that no opposition is receivable after a period of 2 months from this publication.

Registration in the Land Register and issuance of the Land Title
When there is no opposition, the land property conservator proceeds with the establishment of the land title of the concerned property and the delivery to the owner of the duplicate of this title, accompanied by a duplicate of the regular plan thereto.

Marrakech Immo fully manages your request, you just need to indicate the property that suits you, your budget, and the period during which you wish to stay.

We offer two types of rentals:
Year-round rental
Vacation rental

To stay in Morocco, you must obtain a passport, the expiry date must be more than 6 months from the date of your arrival in Morocco.
Your tourist stay is valid for 3 months, if you wish to stay longer than 3 months, you will need to obtain authorization from the police services to remain in the territory.

Our agency remains at your disposal for any further information.

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