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VIP Room Marrakech: The Elite of World Clubbing Comes to Morocco

Discover the opening of VIP Room Marrakech, the new jewel of Moroccan nightlife, attracting celebrities and partygoers from all over the world. An unrivaled luxury experience.

The famous VIP Room, known for its prestigious locations across the world, has added a new pearl to its crown with the inauguration of its branch in Marrakech, Morocco. This event, which took place this weekend, captured the attention of several celebrities and revelers from France, including Joey Starr, Sarah Marshall, and Caroline Receveur, testifying to the international appeal of the ocher city as destination of choice for the world's nightlife entertainment elite. An International Expansion Strategy Jean-Roch Pedri, the visionary behind the VIP Room concept, launched the first club in Saint-Tropez almost two decades ago, establishing a brand synonymous with luxury and exclusivity. The opening of the VIP Room in Marrakech is part of a meticulously planned international expansion strategy, following in the footsteps of successful openings in Dubai and New York. Jean Roch, emphasizing the importance of this new establishment, notes that each new club contributes positively to the image and attendance of the brand's establishments in France.

A Global Impact Strengthened by Internationalization The internationalization of the VIP Room has had a notable impact on its customer demographics, enriching the clubbing experience with increased cultural diversity. Since the opening of the clubs in Dubai and Abu-Dhabi, a significant increase in visitors from Arab countries has been observed, particularly at the Paris club. The VIP Room's internal source reveals that almost half of the annual clientele is foreign, with a strong representation of American visitors, thus confirming the international status of the club.

vip room marrakech: the elite of world clubbing comes to morocco

Marrakech: A Leading Entertainment Destination The opening of the VIP Room in Marrakech in 2017 is not only a victory for the brand but also for the city itself, reinforcing its status as a leading entertainment destination globally. With its sumptuous setting, pleasant climate and rich cultural heritage, Marrakech now attracts an international clientele eager to enjoy exceptional nightlife experiences in an exotic and luxurious setting.

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