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The 2014 Takreem Awards celebrate Arab excellence in Marrakech

Join us in Marrakech for the Takreem Awards from November 7-9, 2014, a ceremony honoring excellence in culture, science and more, strengthening Arab pride and identity.

The prestigious “Takreem Awards” ceremony is preparing to light up Marrakech, the ocher city, from November 7 to 9, 2014, for its 5th annual edition. This laudable initiative aims to highlight and reward Arab excellence across a multitude of fields, including culture, knowledge, science, and technology. It is an event that aspires not only to celebrate remarkable achievements but also to inspire rising generations to pursue excellence while remaining anchored in their core values such as respect, ethics, humility, passion and empowerment.

A Commitment to the Promotion of Arab Identity “Takreem” was designed with the vision of rekindling pride and awareness within the Arab community, honoring the significant contributions of individuals who have transcended borders to make a positive mark on their society. By highlighting these exceptional personalities, Takreem wishes to be a source of inspiration to encourage ambition, innovation and integrity among young Arabs. In doing so, the initiative also aims to correct misconceptions and promote a more authentic and positive image of Arab identity on the international stage, in contrast to the often one-dimensional representations conveyed by contemporary media.

the 2014 takreem awards celebrate arab excellence in marrakech

A Celebration of Collective Excellence For its fifth consecutive year, “Takreem” continues to seek out and honor those individuals whose efforts and dedication contribute substantially to the well-being of their community and beyond. The awards ceremony, scheduled for November 8, promises to be a highlight, bringing together prominent figures from across the Arab world to celebrate achievements that are positively shaping the future of the region.

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