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TUI France Will Open A New Marmara Club In Morocco

Discover TUI France's new projects in Morocco: opening of a Club Marmara and a Splashworld in Agadir plus renovations in Marrakech for an unforgettable stay.

TUI France, a major player in tourism, announces a significant expansion of its offer in Morocco for the summer of 2015. Confirming its commitment to the Morocco destination, TUI France plans the opening of a new Club Marmara in Agadir, as well as a innovative concept, Splashworld, promising an unforgettable vacation experience. At the same time, the company is embarking on a vast renovation program for its existing establishments in Marrakech, Madina and Dar Atlas, illustrating its desire to continually improve the quality of its services. A New Marmara Club and Splashworld in Agadir The future Club Marmara in Agadir, with its 400 rooms, is designed to offer vacationers a comfortable and entertaining stay in one of the most popular destinations in Morocco. In addition, Splashworld, with 485 rooms, will introduce an integrated water park concept, a first for TUI France in Morocco, aiming to offer exceptional family holidays centered on entertainment and adventure.

To carry out these ambitious projects, TUI France relies on its trusted partner, Atlas Voyages. The latter, already manager of the two Marmara Clubs in Marrakech, will play a key role in the opening and management of the new club in Agadir. Renovation and Improvement of Establishments in Marrakech TUI France is not stopping there and is also planning to completely renovate the rooms at Club Marmara Madina and make significant improvements to Dar Atlas. These investments demonstrate TUI France's commitment to offering high standards of quality and comfort, thus meeting the expectations of the most demanding customers.

tui france will open a new marmara club in morocco

Strategic Partnership with the Moroccan National Tourism Office The collaboration between TUI France and the Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT) is strengthened through an agreement which highlights joint advertising investments to promote Morocco on the French market. This initiative aims not only to increase the visibility of the destination but also to develop specific and targeted marketing actions to attract more French tourists.

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