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Jad Mahal Palace (Club, Live, Restaurant, Shop)

Discover Jad Mahal in Marrakech, a unique place where global dining, live music and shows come together. Immerse yourself in a setting inspired by India and Morocco for an unforgettable evening.

In the heart of Marrakech, the Jad Mahal stands out as a multifaceted establishment where festivities, gastronomy and shows intertwine to offer an unforgettable experience. This unique place, mixing cultural influences from India and Morocco, is a celebration of diversity and conviviality. With its generous and colorful spaces, Jad Mahal invites visitors to immerse themselves in a setting where every detail has been designed to evoke escape and sharing.

A Culinary Fusion under the Sign of “World Food” At Jad Mahal, the cuisine takes on the feel of a trip around the world, thanks to a varied menu that embraces international flavors. Brilliantly orchestrated by the chef and his team, the culinary offering is an invitation to explore the delights of "world food", where local ingredients and recipes from elsewhere come together to delight the most demanding palates. From starter to dessert, each dish is a promise of discovery and refinement.

jad mahal palace (club, live, restaurant, shop)

More than a Restaurant: A True Living Space Jad Mahal is not limited to its gastronomic dimension. It is a real living space where visitors come to dine, have a drink, but also to immerse themselves in a unique festive atmosphere. The evenings are punctuated by live music performances, offering a dynamic and catchy soundtrack which perfectly accompanies moments of conviviality. The show continues with the presence of talented oriental dancers, whose captivating performances add a touch of exoticism and magic to the Jad Mahal experience.

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