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Oasiria Marrakech: An Aquatic Oasis in the Heart of Morocco

Escape to Oasiria Marrakech and enjoy a world of aquatic activities and relaxation under the shade of olive trees. Discover 'the sea in Marrakech' in a green and family setting.

Since its inauguration in 2005, the Oasiria water park in Marrakech has quickly established itself as a reference in the tourist landscape of the city and of Morocco as a whole. A pioneer in innovation and relaxation, Oasiria has responded to the desire for freshness of Moroccans and international visitors, bringing a touch of "sea" to the region's arid setting. This unique achievement in Morocco offers an exceptional escape thanks to its aquatic facilities and green spaces.

An Unprecedented Aquatic Experience
With 7,000 m³ of water spread over 5 large pools, Oasiria offers a variety of aquatic activities designed for all ages. From innovative wave pools to dizzying slides, fun water courses and water play areas, there is something for everyone. The star attraction, the wave pool, perfectly illustrates Oasiria's slogan: "the sea in Marrakech". Spanning an area of 2.7 km² with a depth varying from 0.10 m to 1.80 m, this pool is capable of generating seven types of waves, promising moments of joy and fun for all.

More than a Water Park: A Green Haven
Beyond its aquatic attractions, Oasiria stands out for its vast gardens, veritable green lungs offering an oasis of freshness and relaxation. Dotted with century-old olive trees, palm trees and an impressive variety of flowers, these gardens invite you to stroll and relax. Meticulous maintenance by a team of professionals guarantees rich biodiversity and an always pleasant setting, whether in spring or summer, under the beneficial shade of the trees.

oasiria marrakech: an aquatic oasis in the heart of morocco

Activities for the whole family
Oasiria advocates conviviality and sharing, with activities designed for an unforgettable day with family or friends. Safe sliding slopes, a giant octopus and a pirate ship complete the offer, ensuring entertainment and thrills for the youngest. The park is divided into several areas, part of which remains lush and green while sand dunes take place to the south, offering a varied panorama and a complete experience.

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