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New Japanese Gourmet Restaurant in Marrakech

The Delano Marrakech, in collaboration with the prestigious Marbella Club Hotel Group, is pleased to announce the opening of its new gourmet restaurant, Namazake, accompanied by its elegant lounge bar, the Sky Lounge.

A Culinary Fusion of Excellence
Under the leadership of renowned chefs, Senzai Renee and Elquin, Namazake stands out for its innovative menu, which brilliantly combines the finesse of Japanese cuisine with Western influences. This meeting of cultures is reflected in the elegant decoration of the restaurant, where traditional Moroccan charm is enhanced by contemporary touches, creating a setting that is both warm and refined.

A Diversified and Tasty Menu
Namazake offers a wide selection of refined Japanese dishes, showcasing the delicate art of sushi and sashimi, as well as authentic Japanese barbecues and original tempuras. Guests will have the privilege of observing the chefs at work, preparing exotic dishes before their eyes that will awaken their taste buds. The attention to detail and quality of ingredients ensures an exceptional dining experience.

The Sky Lounge: A haven of relaxation with a view
The Sky Lounge, attached to Namazake, offers an ideal space for relaxation and socialization, where guests can sip innovative cocktails while contemplating the breathtaking urban and natural landscape of Marrakech. Whether for an aperitif before dinner or to extend the evening, the Sky Lounge is the perfect place to appreciate the beauty of the ocher city from a new angle.

new japanese gourmet restaurant in marrakech

The opening of Namazake and Sky Lounge at Delano Marrakech marks a new chapter in the city's luxury gastronomic offering, inviting residents and travelers to discover unique flavors in a spectacular setting. This initiative highlights Delano Marrakech and Marbella Club Hotel Group's commitment to providing premier culinary experiences, combining the best of Japanese cuisine with legendary Moroccan hospitality.

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