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Nicole Kidman celebrates the end of 2013 in Marrakech

Join Nicole Kidman in celebrating New Year's Eve in Marrakech before her filming for 'Queen of the Desert'. Discover how Marrakech charms international stars.

Nicole Kidman, one of Hollywood's most renowned actresses, chose Marrakech, the pearl of Morocco, to celebrate the end of 2013. This stay coincides with her involvement in the filming of the ambitious biographical film "Queen of the Desert,” directed by renowned filmmaker Werner Herzog. The film, which began filming in the desert enchantment of Merzouga, explores the fascinating life of Gertrude Bell, an iconic British figure of the early 20th century, whose role was crucial in shaping the modern Middle East.

A Spectacular Filming in the Heart of Morocco The production of “Queen of the Desert” promises to be a striking visual spectacle, having already attracted attention in the picturesque Merzouga region. Robert Pattinson, known for his varied and captivating roles, is also in the cast, testifying to the international scope of the project. The film follows the story of Gertrude Bell, a British spy, writer, archaeologist, and explorer who played a pivotal role in Middle Eastern politics in the early 20th century.

nicole kidman celebrates the end of 2013 in marrakech

Marrakech: A Festive Stopover for Nicole Kidman Before joining the film crew in January to continue filming, Nicole Kidman decided to immerse herself in the magic of Marrakech to celebrate New Year's Eve. The city, known for its unique blend of culture, history and modernity, offers a perfect setting to end the year in style. It is in this festive spirit that the Australian actress will embrace Moroccan traditions, enriching her experience before diving into the role of Gertrude Bell.

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