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Marrakech 2014 turns tourism indicators green

Marrakech recorded spectacular tourist growth in 2014, with 1,729,891 arrivals. Find out why the ocher city remains a favorite destination for international travelers.

Marrakech, the enchanting ocher city, achieved a remarkable feat in the tourism sector for the year 2014, recording an impressive number of 1,729,891 arrivals between January and May. This figure marks a significant increase of 10% compared to the previous year, which recorded 1,572,945 arrivals, highlighting the city's growing appeal among international visitors. Growth Driven by Marrakech Menara Airport Marrakech Menara Airport, a major air hub, hosts 25 airlines, reflecting the international connectivity and ease of access to this popular destination. The monthly distribution of passengers and flights highlights the growing popularity of Marrakech among travelers: January: 285,369 passengers for 2,376 flights February: 293,090 passengers for 2,217 flights March: 374,645 passengers for 2,778 flights April: 399,220 passengers for 2,877 flights May: 377,567 passengers for 2,816 flights April proved to be the most successful month, with almost 400,000 passengers, illustrating the city's ability to attract visitors during this period.

The Hospitality Sector in Full Expansion Marrakech's hotel sector is also showing good momentum, with an occupancy rate increasing from 50% in 2013 to 57% in 2014 for the first five months. This positive trend is a clear indicator of visitor confidence and satisfaction with the accommodation offered by the city, anticipating a promising high season. Diversity of Tourist Origins The diversity of visitor origins enriches the cultural experience of Marrakech. The French remain the most numerous, followed closely by a notable increase in British (+25%) and German (+37%) tourists, testifying to the international appeal of the city. The Spanish and Italians complete this mosaic of visitors, each bringing their own touch to the vibrant atmosphere of Marrakech.

marrakech 2014 turns tourism indicators green

Marrakech: A Destination of the Future Marrakech's future as a tourist destination is bright, with ambitious projects such as the construction of a new airport to accommodate up to 10 million annual arrivals, confirming the city's potential and commitment to develop further. The investments planned until 2025 demonstrate the long-term vision for Marrakech, strengthening its position as a jewel of Moroccan and international tourism.

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