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Morocco: 24th Edition of the Marrakech Marathon 2013

On Sunday January 27, 2013, Marrakech, the ocher city, will host the 24th edition of its annual marathon, an event which has, over the years, established itself as an unmissable event.

Attracting some 6,000 participants, including nearly 2,000 from abroad, the Marrakech Marathon is distinguished by its prestige and its exceptional ranking: first at the African level and 25th at the world level according to the International Athletics Federation (IAAF). A Coveted Course and Attractive Rewards Under the presidency of Mohamed Knidiri, the organizing committee has put in place a set of incentives to make this competition even more attractive. Among them, an exceptional bonus of $10,000 will be offered to the athlete who achieves a time of less than 2h06min, an ambitious challenge aimed at pushing the limits of human performance. In addition, in a desire to encourage local talent, specific rewards will be awarded to the first 15 Moroccan runners and the first 10 Moroccan runners crossing the finish line.

The Marrakech International Marathon record is currently held by Abdelkader El Mouaziz, a Moroccan athlete who set an impressive time of 2h08min15s during the 1999 edition, a record which testifies to the demands and high level of the competition. A Half Marathon Celebration In parallel with the marathon, the half-marathon will also attract attention, notably with the notable participation of Hicham El Gerrouj, legend of world athletics. His presence underlines the importance of the event and contributes to its international influence. A Substantial Budget for a Major Competition With a budget of more than 2 million dirhams, the Marrakech Marathon does not skimp on the means to ensure the success of this edition. The rewards have been increased by 15% compared to the previous year, an initiative which reflects the organizers' desire to value and reward the efforts of participants.

morocco: 24th edition of the marrakech marathon 2013

The Marrakech Marathon continues to shine on the international scene, attracting runners from all over the world with its prestige, its challenges and its generous rewards. This 24th edition promises to be a memorable event for the city and for the entire athletic community. Through this competition, Marrakech does not just celebrate sport and performance; it also asserts itself as a destination of choice for sports tourism, thus contributing to Morocco's cultural and sporting influence on the international scene.

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