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The Gardens of La Medina in the Kasbah of Marrakech

Discover Les Jardins de la Médina in Marrakech, where inventive gastronomy and historical setting intertwine for a unique experience. Savor the best of Moroccan cuisine in a dream Riad.

Nestled in the historic Kasbah district of Marrakech, Les Jardins de la Médina stands out as an oasis of tranquility and refinement. This restaurant, within a Riad steeped in history, offers a unique culinary experience where traditional Moroccan gastronomy meets creativity and innovation. Since 2005, Les Jardins de la Médina has established itself as an essential address for lovers of good cuisine in Marrakech, offering an idyllic setting in which to enjoy tasty dishes.

A Cuisine Rich in Flavors and Colors At Les Jardins de la Médina, the menu invites you on a gastronomic journey where ancestral Moroccan flavors are enhanced by a touch of modernity. Each dish, generously served, is a celebration of the culinary richness of Morocco, with astonishing and careful presentations. Whether on the terrace shaded by century-old trees or in the cozy intimacy of the dining rooms, guests are invited to savor delicate and inventive dishes. An Enchanted and Welcoming Setting Beyond its gastronomic offer, Les Jardins de la Médina is renowned for its exceptional setting. The orange tree garden and the swimming pool invite relaxation and well-being, creating an atmosphere of serenity in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the Medina. The elegant and comfortable rooms offer breathtaking views from the rooftops over the ocher city. The establishment enjoys a privileged location, allowing its guests to immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere of Marrakech while benefiting from a haven of peace.

the gardens of la medina in the kasbah of marrakech

Exemplary Service What truly sets Les Jardins de la Médina apart is the excellence of its service. The staff, charming, discreet, smiling and always ready to help, helps to make each stay unforgettable. The quality of service, combined with a fine selection of wines, ensures an unparalleled culinary and stay experience.

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