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The 555 nightclub opens its doors in the ocher city

Notice to night owls and fans of trendy places, the ocher city will now have a new night club. The 555 in Marrakech.

In the nocturnal excitement of Marrakech, a new star is born: the 555 nightclub, promising to redefine the nights of the ocher city. Inaugurated on December 22, 2012, this event marks an important step in the evolution of the nightlife landscape of Marrakech, bringing a touch of freshness and innovation. The famous Tangier club is now located on Avenue Mohamed VI, offering an impressive 1,600 m² space entirely dedicated to clubbing.

A New Landmark for Night Owls
Notice to party lovers and fans of trendy atmospheres: 555 is designed to become the favorite place for night owls. It’s not just a club opening its doors; a new dimension of the night is revealed. With its innovative approach and exceptional setting, 555 aspires to become more than just a nightlife establishment. It aims to position itself as a true nighttime cultural hub, where music lovers and partygoers from all walks of life can meet, share and celebrate until the end of the night.

Advanced Sound Technology and More
The 555 spares no expense in providing an immersive and unforgettable experience. Equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system, the club promises exceptional acoustic quality, capable of satisfying the most demanding ears. But the innovation doesn't stop there; the club is also introducing cooling oxygen diffusers, a unique touch that demonstrates 555's commitment to creating a comfortable and stimulating environment for its visitors. These elements, combined with many other surprises, are all reasons to make 555 the new hotspot in Marrakech.

the 555 nightclub opens its doors in the ocher city

A Space Dedicated to Clubbing
With its 1600 m² of space, the 555 offers a vast and varied playground for clubbing enthusiasts. The interior design is designed to create an atmosphere that is both chic and friendly, where each evening is intended to be a unique experience. Whether you are a regular at Marrakech nights or a passing visitor, the 555 is ready to welcome you into its world where music, dance and conviviality meet to create unforgettable moments.

The opening of the 555 nightclub in the ocher city is a significant event for Marrakech and for Morocco. By bringing a new dynamic to clubbing and establishing new standards in terms of nightlife experience, 555 promises to be the unmissable meeting place for night owls. Between cutting-edge sound technology, refreshing innovations and generous space, the 555 is ready to ignite the nights of Marrakech and offer its visitors memorable evenings. Get ready to discover Marrakech's new temple of clubbing, where every night promises to be a vibrant celebration of life.

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