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Ryanair Company Will Now Have 2 Bases In Morocco

In a bold strategic move, Irish airline Ryanair announced the opening of two new bases in Morocco, in Marrakech and Fez, in April 2013.

In a bold strategic move, Irish airline Ryanair announced the opening of two new bases in Morocco, in Marrakech and Fez, in April 2013. This expansion marks the company's first forays outside European territory, demonstrating its its desire for growth and diversification. The news was revealed by Michael O’Leary, the dynamic CEO of Ryanair, known for his charismatic leadership and his ability to transform the low-cost airline landscape.

A Renewed Commitment to Morocco
This expansion is part of Ryanair's long-term strategy in Morocco, where the company has experienced significant growth over the past five years. Michael O’Leary highlighted the importance of Morocco in Ryanair's global strategy, announcing the addition of Essaouira and Rabat as the 7th and 8th Moroccan airports to be served by the company. This strategic decision will allow Ryanair to maintain its operations in Marseille during the winter, despite the closure of its base in this city in 2011 due to fiscal constraints.

A Consistent Investment for a Sustainable Impact
Ryanair is committed to investing more than $210 million in its Moroccan bases, proof of its confidence in the potential of the Moroccan market. With two planes based in Marrakech serving 22 routes, including seven new destinations, and another in Fez for 15 destinations, including four new ones in France, Ryanair expects annual traffic of up to 2.5 million passengers. This expansion will create around 2,500 local jobs, thus contributing to the economic dynamism and development of the Moroccan tourism sector.

The Moroccan Tourism Sector Welcomes the Initiative
Ryanair's announcement was greeted with enthusiasm by stakeholders in the Moroccan tourism sector. Lahcen Haddad, Moroccan Minister of Tourism, expressed his pride and gratitude to Ryanair for its confidence in Morocco's capacity for growth and development as a tourist destination. This collaboration is seen as an opportunity for Morocco to position itself as a leading market in the Mediterranean region, attracting more international visitors and boosting the local economy.

ryanair company will now have 2 bases in morocco

Ryanair's expansion in Morocco with the opening of new bases in Marrakech and Fez is an eloquent testimony to the company's confidence in the country's potential as a key destination. This initiative is sure to strengthen ties between Europe and Morocco, providing travelers with more accessible and diversified travel options. By investing in the future of Moroccan tourism, Ryanair is a major player in the evolution of the sector, promising a prosperous future for air travel and tourism in the region.

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