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The agency presents on Made In Marrakech

Based in Morocco since 2008, Hajer Delmotte is the head of the real estate agency Marrakech Immo. We met her to take stock of the market, her activity, the crisis and imagine the future of real estate in the Kingdom. Interview.

Born in Tunisia, Hajer Delmotte opted for Morocco rather than her country of origin when she decided to leave France. She explains her choice simply: “At the time I was more reassured by the real estate market in Morocco.” Once her arrival was confirmed, she started her activity without any difficulty “I understood thanks to my experience in France that it is up to me to adapt to the society in which I have chosen to live and invest, and not not the opposite." As soon as her website was created, she immediately began developing her portfolio of properties and clients in Marrakech. Thanks to her experience in real estate in Paris with the Arcade group and the Jesta group (real estate developers), she very quickly gained a good reputation. His address book followed him from France to the Kingdom, it is completed by his new Moroccan and expatriate clients.

Today, “after some great transactions”, his Marrakech Immo agency specializes in the sale, long & short term rental of luxury villas. However, the agency will continue to respond to other requests, if Marrakech Immo has the corresponding property in its portfolio. Recently, Hajer Delmotte was appointed by the SAUR group for its subsidiary Blue Green (First golf course manager in Europe), director of development Morocco, her mission consists of negotiating for Blue Green the leasing-management of golf courses in order to be able to benefit from the Moroccan sunshine to Blue Green members.

the agency presents on made in marrakech

Before any transaction, Marrakech Immo provides numerous services in order to best support its clients in their investment. As Hajer Delmotte explains to us: “Being a foreigner, when I moved to Morocco, I realized how important it was to be surrounded by professionals in order to save time and successfully settle in. This is why Marrakech Immo has set up partnerships with professionals in various fields (lawyers, accountants, notaries, banks, etc.).”

And the crisis in all this? Where is it and how is the real estate market doing to resist this wave? “The crisis is not felt in my niche of selling luxury properties, because the supply of this type of property is quite limited,” Hajer answers us. “The market has not fallen, it is the prices of certain initially overvalued goods which have been revised to their fair value. » As for the future, the founder of Marrakech Immo sees it better in the quality of transactions, today she is implementing a new strategy with her new collaborators, with the aim of developing the Anglo-Saxon and Middle-Saxon markets. East.

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